Unique Research Study Identifies Benefits of ‘Return Migration’ for Native Workers

March 31, 2017

Doug Gavel - HKS News

Large influxes of migrants into foreign labor forces can often harm the fortunes of native workers, particularly those in low-skilled positions. A 2015 study, for instance, documented the wage losses suffered by native-born Americans in Miami as a result of the Mariel boatlift in 1980, during which as many as 125,000 Cubans immigrated to south Florida. But a new research study focusing on an entirely different set of migrants during a more recent period suggests there may be benefits to local workers when previous migrants return to work at home. 

Charting a path towards Lanka’s durable success

March 13, 2017

Ricardo Hausmann for Daily News

It is not just because I am from Venezuela that I see Sri Lanka with admiration and envy. The island has made more progress in human development than any other in South Asia. It has reduced poverty in a pretty dramatic way. It has many reasons to be proud of its achievements. But anything that is worth doing, is worth doing better. The Center for International Development at Harvard University is collaborating with the Government of Sri Lanka to work on a strategy to make progress faster, more sustainable and more inclusive.

Fears South Africa Driving into Dead End Street

March 7, 2017

Ricardo Hausmann - Business Day

Ricardo Hausmann — Harvard development economist, former Venezuelan minister of planning and long-time friend and adviser to SA’s Treasury — visited SA last week and says he fears the country is heading towards making a mistake. He served on the International Panel on Growth, which provided a rich set of recommendations to the Treasury in 2008.

Sri Lanka to boost economic diplomacy with Harvard University

March 7, 2017


Sri Lanka's government is boosting its economic diplomacy capacity with Harvard University which will help boost investments and exports, Deputy Finance Minister Harsha de Silva said.

"Traditional diplomacy was to bring peace," Deputy Foreign Minister Harsha de Silva said. "Economic diplomacy is to bring prosperity."

Sri Lanka had a presence in over 60 countries spending about 9 billion rupees a year, de Silva said.

"Sri Lanka is running a race, where we are behind Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar," he said. "We have some good runners, we need a strategy. We have got the best coaches in the world to coach our runners."

Harvard University to conduct online Economic Diplomacy course for officials of Sri Lanka Foreign Ministry and Commerce Department

March 7, 2017


ColomboPage, Sri Lanka Internet Newspaper

 As part of its economic diplomacy role, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has undertaken a unique initiative to design and implement an online Economic Diplomacy Course catering to Sri Lanka's specific economic needs and challenges.

This Course is a result of the Foreign Ministry's collaboration with the Department of Commerce and Harvard University, one of the most prestigious Universities in the world.

The ceremonial launching of the Course was held today, 7th March 2017 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs presided over by the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Harsha de Silva. Also participating at the event were Mrs. Sonali Wijeratne, Director General, Department of Commerce; Professor Matt Andrews, Senior Lecturer, Harvard University Center for International Development (HCID), invited guests and officials selected to take part in the Course.

Refugees as Weapons of Mass Destruction

March 2, 2017

Ricardo Hausmann for Project Syndicate

CAMBRIDGE – In the summer of 2015, former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper looked set to win his fourth consecutive election, scheduled for that October. Instead, his Conservative Party won just 99 of the House of Commons’ 338 seats. The party did not win a single constituency in Toronto or the entire Atlantic seaboard. Instead, the Liberal Party, led by Justin Trudeau, ended up obtaining the second-largest parliamentary majority in its history – 184 seats – despite having started the electoral campaign in third place.

¿Cuánto tardaría Venezuela en recuperarse de la debacle económica de estos años?

March 2, 2017

Douglas Barrios, Miguel Santos - Prodavinci

¿Cuánto tardaría Venezuela en recuperarse de la debacle económica de estos años? Es una pregunta frecuente en las conversaciones cotidianas, en los salones de clases y en los foros de discusión dentro y fuera del país. Es también una pregunta sencilla, relativamente intuitiva, cuya respuesta es compleja por diferentes razones. En primer lugar, la pregunta supone que el país corrige el rumbo a partir de cierto punto, mediante una transición política de la que hoy en día nadie sabe a ciencia cierta cómo ni cuándo puede ocurrir. En segundo lugar, no todos entendemos lo mismo por recuperación. ¿Es detener la recesión? ¿Es recuperar el nivel de algún punto reciente? ¿Es volver a nuestro mejor momento? ¿Es alcanzar el nivel o las tasas de algún país que nos sirva de referencia? ¿Cuál es la base de referencia en la que piensan quienes se hacen esta pregunta? Es importante encontrar una definición de éxito que balancee nuestras ambiciones y posibilidades. Por último, aun suponiendo que sabemos a dónde queremos llegar y que ocurre un cambio político capaz de enrumbar al país en esa dirección, está el hecho de cuan factible es una recuperación acelerada.

CID Ranked One of World’s Best Think Tanks

February 3, 2017

CID Projects Infographic

For the second consecutive year, the Center for International Development (CID) at Harvard University has been named the 2nd best university think tank in the world by UPenn's 2016 Think Tank Index.

The Index – produced annually by The Civil Societies Program at the University of Pennsylvania’s Lauder Institute – considers six thousand organizations globally. More than 2,500 university faculty and administrators, journalists, policymakers, think tank scholars, executives and donors contribute to the process. Quality of leadership, staff and research, along with impact on policymakers are some of the ranking criteria.