Seminar Series

The seminar series takes place on Zoom from 12:00pm - 1:30pm EST. To attend a session, email Ulrich Schetter, Yang Li, or Matte Hartog.

The Growth Lab at the Harvard Center for International Development (CID) focuses on empirical and theoretical research, as well as on policy analysis, related to economic growth and development. The lab's research draws from several different disciplines, using a variety of models and perspectives to study socioeconomic systems at many levels, from individuals and teams to cities and countries. The Growth Lab Seminar series is a weekly seminar that brings together researchers from across the academic spectrum who share an interest in growth and development. The seminar emphasizes interdisciplinary exchanges between the social and natural sciences, and speakers are welcome to present early-stage or mature work on a wide range of topics, including migration, local markets, structural change, innovation and the dynamics of technology, models of combinatorial growth, economic history, social and cultural evolution, the environmental impacts of growth, and trade. We also welcome methodological contributions in areas such as causal identification or machine learning. The seminar is open to all interested individuals who wish to attend.

Organizers: Ulrich Schetter, Yang LiMatte Hartog,  Frank Neffke, and Ricardo Hausmann.

Seminar Schedule

Fall 2020

September 17
Swapnil Singh
September 24
Kai Gehring
October 1
Speaker: Stefan Bauernschuster
October 8
Matti Mitrunen
October 15, 9:00am - 10:30am
Speaker: Yang Yu
October 22
Philipp Koch
October 29
Romain Wacziarg
November 5
Carsten Eckel
November 10, 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Speaker: Laurent Hebert-Dufresne
November 12
Pol Antras
November 19, 9:00am - 10:30am
Speaker: Junming Zhu
November 24
Ljubica Nedelkoska, Andre Assumpcao, Shreyas Gadgin Matha
December 3
Speakers: Chad Jones
December 10
Sultan Orazbayev
December 17
Speakers: James McNerney, Yang Li

Spring 2020

January 28
 Louis Hyman
February 3
Marco Guerzoni, Meijun Liu, Shuo Li
February 10
Speakers: Ulrich Schetter, Willem Thorbecke
February 24
Chris MacGee, Neil Thompson
March 2
Speakers: Sultan Orazbayev, Dina Pomeranz
March 9
Carliss Baldwin
March 23
Swapnil Singh, Hyejin Youn
March 30
April 6
Speaker: Andrew Bernard
April 13
Katharina Erhardt
April 20
Speakers: Anina Schwarzenbach, Francisco Arroyo Marioli
April 27
May 4
Speakers: Albana Shehaj, Anna Stansbury
May 11
May 18
Speakers: Maria Del Rio Chanona, Esteban Moro
May 25
June 1
Speakers:  Bledi Taska, Victor M. Yakovenko

Fall 2019

September 9
 Robert Manduca
September 23
 Thomas Fink & Morgan Frank
September 30
Speakers: Neave O'Clery & Carliss Baldwin
October 7
Fabian Waldinger & Sari Kerr
October 21
Speakers: Guilio Bottazzi & Megan MacGarvie
October 28
Ran Song & Christian Jara
November 4
Mary Kaltenberg & Cesare Righi
November 18
Speakers: Stephanie Cheng & Sebastian Bustos
November 25
Namrata Kala & James McNerney
December 2
Speakers: Mike Andrews & Rute Martins Caeiro
December 9
Speakers: Ulrich Schetter & Ljubica Nedelkoska
December 16
Speaker: Matte Hartog & TBD

Spring 2019

January 22
Frank Neffke
January 28
Speaker: Dario Diodato
February 4
Dani Stock
February 11
Speaker: Yarden Katz
February 25
First Speaker:
Andres Gomez
Second Speaker: Ben Li
March 4
First Speakers: Ljubica Nedelkoska & Sehar Noor
Second Speaker: José Morales
March 11
First Speaker:
Ran Song
Second Speaker: Sultan Orazbayev
March 18
First Speaker: Alexia Lochmann
Second Speaker: Carolina Mattsson
March 25
First Speaker:
Chris Esposito
Second Speaker: Fernando Yu
April 1
First Speaker: Fabiana Visentin
Second Speaker: Michele Pezzoni
April 8
First Speaker:
Mercedes Delgado
Second Speaker: Titipat Achakulvisut
April 15
First Speaker: Claudia Steinwender
Second Speaker: James McNerney
April 22
First Speaker:
Elisabeth Perlman
Second Speaker: Matte Hartog
April 29
First Speaker:
Misha Teplitskiy
Second Speaker: Nick Obradovich
May 6
First Speaker: Mathias Czaika
Second Speaker: Joeri Smits
May 13
First Speaker:
Sergiy Verstyuk
Second Speaker: Andre Ribeiro
May 20
First Speaker: Po Yin Wong
Second Speaker: Paolo Barucca


January 16
 Tue Anh Nguyen
Title: Does Public Ownership Provide Affordable and Reliable Electricity to Household Customers? Case Studies of Electricity Sector Reforms in the UK, France, Germany, and Italy
January 22
Michele Coscia
Title: Economic Inclusion and Human Mobility in Bogota
Speaker: Dario Diodato
Title: Why do industries coagglomerate? How the relevance of Marshallian externality channels differs by industry and has evolved over time
January 29
Speaker: Willem Thorbecke
Title:The Exposure of U.S. Manufacturing Industries to Exchange Rates
February 5
Sultan Orazbayev
Title: The role of social networks in production and diffusion of knowledge
February 12
Speaker: Alfredo Morales
Title: Social Segregation and Polarization in Urban Areas
February 26
Penny Mealy
Title: Adventures in economic complexity: How structural change in the US gave rise to a new interpretation of the Economic Complexity Index
March 5
Mercedes Delgado (MIT)
Title: Clusters and the Great Recession
March 12
Speaker: Andrew Zeitlin (Georgetown University)
Title: Benchmarking a Child Nutrition Program against Cash: Experimental Evidence from Rwanda
March 19
Ulrich Schetter
Title: Globalization and the Concentration of Talent
March 26
Speaker: Alex Jaax
Title: Threat or opportunity? Sino-Vietnamese trade and firm-level dynamics in Vietnam
April 2
Speaker: Riccardo Crescenzi (LSE)
Title: FDI and Local Financial Development: City-Level Evidence From Ethiopia
April 9
Speaker: Henrique Pacini (UNCTAD)
Title: Product space for sustainable development: Insights from 9 countries subject to the UN National Green Export Reviews
April 16
Sergio Petralia
Title: Toward a Characterization of General Purpose Technologies
Aprll 20
Alessio Terzi
Title: Growth Accelerations Strategies
April 23
Johannes Boehm
Title: Input Capabilities and the Direction of Product Adoption

Speaker: Mariapia Mendola (University of Milano)
Title: Human Smuggling and Intentions to Migrate: Global Evidence from a Supply Shock along Africa-to-Europe Migration Routes
April 30
Julian Hinz (Kiel)
Title: TBD
May 7
Speaker: Andre Ribeiro
Title: TBD
May 14
Matte Hartog
Title: Structural Transformation and Historical Inventor Activity in the American Economy
Speaker: Martina Hengge
Title: Fear Thy Neighbor: Spillovers from Economic Policy Uncertainty
May 21
Speaker: Ljubica Nedelkoska
Title: TBD
May 29
Joeri Smits (Yale)
Title: TBD
June 4
Jasmina Chauvin
Title: TBD
September 10
 Andres Gomez
September 17
 Carlo Bottai & Jose Ramon Morales Arilla
September 24
Speakers: Maria Concepción Latorre & Alje van Dam
October 1
Michael Schaub & Matias Iglesias
October 15
Speaker: Max Winkler 
October 22
Martina Hengge & Jeremy Burke/Ramon Gras
October 29
Nikolaus Robalino & Dario Diodato/Ulrich Schetter
November 5
Speaker: Mingzhi Xu
November 19
James Evans & Lingfei Wu
November 26
Speakers: Sultan Orazbayev & Fernando Yu
December 3
Speakers: Ina Ganguli & Jonathan Shulz
December 10
Speaker: Yarden Katz
December 17
Frank Neffke


July 18
Speaker: Christopher R. Esposito (UCLA)
Title: Premature Deagglomeration
July 26
Speaker: Michael Szell (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
Title: Visual exploration or Urban Mobility Space Inequality with "What the Street!?
Aug 9
Speaker: Clio Andris (PSU)
Title: Measuring Relationships as Spatial Interaction

Speaker: Phil Chodrow (MIT)
Title: The Structure of Spatial Segregation
Aug 28
Speaker: Willem Thorbecke (RIETI, Japan)
Title: Economic Complexity and Trade Elasticities
September 11
Speaker: Michele Coscia
Title: How Do We Measure Diversification, anyway? The Node Vector Distance Problem in Complex Networks

Speaker: Jose Dominguez Abascal
Title: The Clean Energy Transition
September 18
Speaker: James McNerney
Title: How Production Networks Amplify Economic Growth
Speaker: Sid Ravinutala
Title: Understanding Product and Industry Linkages, and Rural Complexities in Colombia
September 25
Speaker: Dario Diodato
Title: Structural Accounting: An Empirical Assessment of Cross-country Differences in Productivity
October 2
Speaker: Alessio Terzi
Title: Structural Change and Growth Accelerations
October 10
Speaker: Jim Bessen (Boston University)
Title: Automation and Jobs: When Technology Boosts Employment
October 16
Speaker: Andres Gomez
Title: Invention as Collective Learning
Speaker: Juan Pablo Chauvin
Title: Gender-Segmented Labor Markets and the Effects of Local Demand Shocks
October 23
 Sebastian Bustos
Title: A Tale of Two Asian Shocks: Employment Reallocation in the US after Trade Shocks
October 30
Speaker: Jie Bai
Title: Collective Reputation in Trade: Evidence from the Chinese Dairy Industry
November 6
Ulrich Schetter (University of St. Gallen)
Title: Basic Research, Complexity, and Growth
November 13
 HyeJin Youn (Northwestern University)
Title: From Analysis to Forecasting Evolution of Technology Space
Speaker: Michael Rose (University of Cape Town)
Title: Informal Contracts in Hiring: The Economics Job Market
November 20
Carolina Ines Pan
Title: Trade Costs: A Natural Experiment in South America
November 27
 Matte Hartog
Title: TBD
Speaker: Jann Spiess
Title: TBD
December 4
Paasha Mahdavi (Georgetown University)
Title: Do Cash Transfers Decrease Political Participation? Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Alaska
December 11
Speaker: Andre Ribeiro
Title: TBD
December 18
Title: N/A