Applied Research

The Growth Lab approaches its engagements through a combination of fieldwork, rigorous, cutting-edge research, and effective policy implementation. Our research teams work to understand the specific dynamics of economic growth and structural change in different contexts. These engagements provide local stakeholders with insights on the policies needed to unleash the growth potential of their economies. They also allow our researchers to address large development divergences within countries with different policy mixes tailored to specific regions.

The Growth Lab uses the Growth Diagnostics approach to identify the binding constraints to growth in the countries and regions where we work. We also use the Product Space and Economic Complexity frameworks as a starting point to understand opportunities for economic diversification and the accumulation of productive knowhow.


Bellas Artes in Mexico
The Growth Lab has conducted research across Mexico, on the national and subnational level. Learn more.


In this video, project counterparts discuss the Growth Lab's research and share examples of real world impact. 


multicolor tree map of product exports
Atlas of Economic Complexity

The Growth Lab's dynamic research and data visualization tool that can be used to explore any country's economic dynamics and growth opportunities.

Landscape view of Colombia
Datlas Colombia

Diagnostic tool to assess the productivity of departments, cities, and municipalities in Colombia.

map of coworker connectivity
The Value of Complementary Coworkers

Explore fields of expertise and assess those which are complementary or duplicative. 

To find information about our past projects, visit our project summary page