Agritourism in Albania: Trends, Constraints, and Recommendations

Wine Tasting in Cobo Winery, Albania Albania is currently enjoying strong growth in both its agriculture and tourism sectors, but there is significant space for the acceleration of growth and job creation in both areas.

CID intern and Harvard Kennedy School student, Neetisha Besra, spent several months exploring recent developments in Albania at the intersection of these two sectors: agritourism. This exploration included working across numerous departments that are aiming to support the agritourism industry in Albania, traveling across the country to assess a range of emerging business cases, and traveling to both Italy and Greece to benchmark emerging trends in Albania against the development of mature agritourism industries in these two countries.This summary report details agritourism trends in Albania and assesses the main constraints to more rapid and sustainable development of the industry. The report concludes with several specific recommendations for how Albania can capitalize on its potential through culinary tourism, the emergence of farm stays, and improvement in its broader tourism and agriculture ecosystems.

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