Leading Economic Growth

LEG Blog Series: Leading Change When Things Are Good

Guest blog by Carmel Quin

This is a blog series written by the alumni of the Leading Economic Growth Executive Education Program at the Harvard Kennedy School. 65 Participants successfully completed this 10-week online course in May 2021. These are their learning journey stories.

Western Australia is a prosperous State in a diverse and wealthy country. Our growth challenge is not one that we experience today – but one that looms large on the horizon.

Much of the State’s wealth comes from the export of non-renewable commodities – natural...

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Apply Now: Leading Economic Growth (Online)

Sophisticated Tools. Practical Approaches.

LEG Course Dates and DescriptionStimulating growth is the top economic priority for many countries and localities around the world. Yet many are trapped, lacking the productive capability to solve problems and expand to new industries to drive development. New growth strategies need paths, processes and organizations to address this problem.

Leading Economic Growth (Online) brings together leading experts in economic development with practitioners from around the globe to focus on practical approaches to shared growth and development. Led by Professor Ricardo Hausmann and Professor Matt Andrews, the curriculum provides a framework for understanding economic growth, as well as sophisticated tools for diagnosis, decision making, and implementation.

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