Global Launch of Metroverse: The Growth Lab's Urban Economy Navigator


Wednesday, June 2, 2021, 12:00pm to 1:00pm




Join us for the global launch of our new data visualization tool, Metroverse: The Growth Lab’s Urban Economy Navigator. The platform is designed to provide policymakers, businesses, and civil society with unprecedented economic data for more than 1,000 cities in 79 countries. The insights are centered on five key questions:

  • What is the economic composition of my city?
  • What does my city specialize in?
  • What cities are similar to my city?
  • What is my city’s position in the Industry Space?
  • What are the growth opportunities?

This platform builds upon the Growth Lab’s Atlas of Economic Complexity, which maps the productive capabilities of about 200 countries and their capacity for growth and development. With Metroverse, we explore at the level where many of a nation’s capabilities reside: its cities and local workforces. The tool vividly illustrates the technological capabilities that underpin a city’s economy and its’ opportunities for future growth and diversification. 

The event will feature a presentation by Growth Lab Director Ricardo Hausmann, Frank Neffke, and Annie White, who will conduct a demonstration of how to utilize the tool and provide insights into the research and technology behind the tool. We look forward to showcasing the new tool to you and ask that you register in advance if you plan to attend.

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