Measuring Soft Skills and the Science of Human Potential


Monday, May 18, 2020, 3:30pm to 4:30pm



workers and human capital.Speaker: David Deming, Director, Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy, HKS; Professor of Public Policy, HKS; Professor of Education and Economics, HGSE.

About the Speaker: David Deming is a Professor of Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School, a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research, and the Faculty Director of the Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy. His research focuses broadly on the economics of skill development, education and labor markets. He is a Principal Investigator (along with Raj Chetty and John Friedman) at the CLIMB Initiative, an organization that seeks to study and improve the role of higher education in social mobility. Deming also studies the “future of work”, in particular focusing on how technology changes the labor market returns to skills and the resulting implications for college and career pathways. He recently won the David N. Kershaw Prize, which is awarded biannually to scholars who have made distinguished contributions to the field of public policy and management under the age of 40. He is currently serving as a coeditor at the AEJ: Applied.

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