PDIA in Action: Legal Education Reform in Ukraine


Tuesday, May 11, 2021, 12:00pm to 1:00pm




The supply side of Ukraine’s legal system is inadequate for fulfilling the role and responsibilities of the legal profession contributing to the legal system’s self-perpetuating failure to ensure the rule of law and deliver justice in Ukrainian society. As part of MLD103M, students at HKS spent 7 weeks working with a Legal specialist to better understand this problem and to help identify ideas and entry points. In this presentation, the student team and their authorizer will share some of their key takeaways and recommendations from this experience.

Presenters: Frederick Tarantino, Ilhom Aliyev, Manoj Kumar, Mike Ramirez, Yousuf Folathi Alkhoori, students at the Harvard Kennedy School; Artem Shaipov, Legal specialist, USAID New Justice Program and Implementing Public Policy program alumni. Moderator: Salimah Samji, Director of Building State Capability (BSC).

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