Growth Lab Research Seminar Series

The seminar takes place on Monday afternoons (4:00pm - 5:30pm) in the Perkins conference room, Rubenstein-415.

Organizers: Jamal Ibrahim HaidarFrank Neffke and Ricardo Hausmann.

Here is the schedule for 2018:

January 16
 Tue Anh Nguyen
Title: Does Public Ownership Provide Affordable and Reliable Electricity to Household Customers? Case Studies of Electricity Sector Reforms in the UK, France, Germany, and Italy
January 22
Michele Coscia
Title: Economic Inclusion and Human Mobility in Bogota
Speaker: Dario Diodato
Title: Why do industries coagglomerate? How the relevance of Marshallian externality channels differs by industry and has evolved over time
January 29
Speaker: Willem Thorbecke
Title:The Exposure of U.S. Manufacturing Industries to Exchange Rates
February 5
Sultan Orazbayev
Title: The role of social networks in production and diffusion of knowledge
February 12
Speaker: Alfredo Morales
Title: Social Segregation and Polarization in Urban Areas
February 26
Penny Mealy
Title: Adventures in economic complexity: How structural change in the US gave rise to a new interpretation of the Economic Complexity Index
March 5
Mercedes Delgado (MIT)
Title: Clusters and the Great Recession
March 12
Speaker: Andrew Zeitlin (Georgetown University)
Title: Benchmarking a Child Nutrition Program against Cash: Experimental Evidence from Rwanda
March 19
Ulrich Schetter
Title: Globalization and the Concentration of Talent
March 26
Speaker: Alex Jaax
Title: Threat or opportunity? Sino-Vietnamese trade and firm-level dynamics in Vietnam
April 2
Speaker: Riccardo Crescenzi (LSE)
Title: FDI and Local Financial Development: City-Level Evidence From Ethiopia
April 9
Speaker: Henrique Pacini (UNCTAD)
Title: Product space for sustainable development: Insights from 9 countries subject to the UN National Green Export Reviews
April 16
Sergio Petralia
Title: Toward a Characterization of General Purpose Technologies
Aprll 20
Alessio Terzi
Title: Growth Accelerations Strategies
April 23
Johannes Boehm
Title: Input Capabilities and the Direction of Product Adoption

Speaker: Mariapia Mendola (University of Milano)
Title: Human Smuggling and Intentions to Migrate: Global Evidence from a Supply Shock along Africa-to-Europe Migration Routes
April 30
Julian Hinz (Kiel)
Title: TBD
May 7
Speaker: Andre Ribeiro
Title: TBD
May 14
Matte Hartog
Title: Structural Transformation and Historical Inventor Activity in the American Economy
Speaker: Martina Hengge
Title: Fear Thy Neighbor: Spillovers from Economic Policy Uncertainty
May 21
Speaker: Ljubica Nedelkoska
Title: TBD
May 29
Joeri Smits (Yale)
Title: TBD
June 4
Jasmina Chauvin
Title: TBD

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