Harvard economist calls for tariff reforms to increase exports

February 9, 2018

Robert Lawrence/Sri Lanka project - Daily FT

Making a compelling case against tariff regimes, renowned Harvard economist Dr. Robert Lawrence yesterday called for a simpler system with significantly lower tariffs in order to increase Sri Lanka’s exports.

Delivering a lecture on protectionism organised by the Advocata Institute in Colombo, Prof. Lawrence, who is the Faculty Chair of the Practice of Trade Policy program at Harvard University’s Kennedy School, said that imposing tariffs is the wrong way to raise revenue, highlighting the need for tax reforms...

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India-China Trade War: What's at Stake?

November 7, 2017

Tim Cheston - The Dollar Business Magazine (Oct. 2017, pg 21)

TDB: India has been focusing on strengthening its domestic manufacturing sector. How important is a strong Indo-China economic relationship in this context?

Timothy Cheston (TC): Past research found that a country is more likely to start entering the production of those products which its neighbouring countries are competitive at producing and that is true in India's case too. India's challenge though is the rising inequality amongst the states within India. The products which are...

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These 5 Countries Expect Major Economic Growth for the Next Decade

October 15, 2017

Tim Cheston -

New research shows that the global economy is making a major turn toward rapid economic growth, and will continue trending in that direction over the coming years.

That’s according to the Center for International Development (CID) at Harvard University, which recently released their projections for the fast growing economies in the next decade. After analyzing global trade data from 2015 — the most recently available data — the CID concluded that the global economy trending upward.

So which countries are...

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Iconoclast with a Mission

September 8, 2017

Ricardo Hausmann profile in IMF's Finance and Development

In nearly 40 years of navigating government, academia, and international financial institutions, Ricardo Hausmann has been on a quest to discover what makes some countries succeed and others fail. He likes to think of development as a game of Scrabble. “The process of development is really the process of accumulating letters and figuring new words that can be put together. And that’s the arrow of development,” he explains, sitting in his sun-filled office at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government....

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Can Venezuela Resurrect Its Economy?

July 26, 2017

Ricardo Hausmann is interviewed by the Council of Foreign Relations 

The misguided policies of President Nicolas Maduro and his predecessor, Hugo Chavez, along with falling oil prices, have destabilized Venezuela’s economy and triggered shortages of vital supplies, says Ricardo Hausmann, a professor at Harvard Kennedy School and a former minister of planning in Venezuela.

Hausmann argues that it will almost certainly take new leadership in Caracas to introduce the market reforms and debt restructuring he says are needed. “A recovery...

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The Road to Citizen-Centric Public Service Delivery in Albania

July 10, 2017

An Interview with Dr. Milena Harito, Minister of Innovation and Public Administration of Albania

If you were a citizen of the Republic of Albania in need of a moderately complex public service in 2014, you were almost certain to enter a maze of public bureaucracy: dark and messy offices, long lines, vague instructions and procedures, and little opportunity for citizen feedback or tolerance for criticism. It’s no wonder that the uncertainty around these services forced most...

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Report: Uganda Among Fastest Growing Economies by 2025

July 5, 2017

Uganda will top the list on the fastest growing economies in the world by 2025 according to a report released by Harvard University Center for International Development (CID) last week. 
The Economic Complexity Global Growth Projections: Predicted Annual Growth Rate to 2025 shows that Uganda's economy will be growing at a 7.73 percent rate followed by India growing at a 7.72 percent. 


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