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In addition to academic research and policy papers, the Growth Lab shares research insights and the impact of our work through visual stories, blogs, newsletters, podcasts, videos, and press releases.

Our work has been featured in various media outlets including the BBC, Bloomberg, CNN, The Economist, The Financial Times, New York Times, Wall St. Journal, and Washington Post.

Media members seeking expert commentary and interviews with Growth Lab researchers should email Chuck McKenney.


Growth Lab researchers meet with Namibian locals in a marketplace

Diagnosing Economic Woes and Helping Develop Cures

Like a teaching and research hospital for a medical school, the Growth Lab is training students and practitioners to do economic development policy work. In this feature story in Harvard Kennedy School Magazine, learn more about the origins of the Growth Lab, our approach to economic growth, the importance of diagnostic tools, and our homegrown staff.

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Evolving Technologies & Market Ecologies

Ricardo Hausmann joins J. Doyne Farmer (INET/Oxford) on the Sante Fe Institute's Complexity Podcast to discuss how supply chains, finance, labor, technological innovation, and geography interact in puzzling nonlinear ways.


Gambling on Development: The Role of Local Elites in a Growth-Based Future

Stefan Dercon is Professor of Economic Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government and the Economics Department, and a Fellow of Jesus College. He is also Director of the Centre for the Study of African Economies. Prof. Dercon's latest book, "Gambling on Development: Why Some Countries Win and Others Lose" draws on his academic research as well as his policy experience across three decades and 40-odd countries, exploring why some countries have managed to settle on elite bargains favoring growth and development, and others did not.

This podcast was moderated by Clement...

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The Role of the Diaspora in the Internationalization of the Colombian Economy

After surveying over 30% of the diaspora of Colombia, Growth Lab researchers and their co-authors studied a number of factors related to this diaspora.

In this Growth Lab podcast, Ana Grisanti interviews Professors Ricardo Hausmann, Annalee Saxenian, and Ljubica Nedlkoska, who describe the internationalization mission in Colombia, the role of the diaspora in this mission, and the policy implications of this research.

Explore our...

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A Deep Dive on the Albania Investment Corporation

The Growth Lab has been engaged in an applied research project with the country of Albania since 2013. In this time, we have conducted research on numerous, diverse workstreams related to stimulating economic growth in the country.

During this research engagement, our team worked with policymakers on the creation of the Albania Investment Corporation (AIC), an entity within the Albanian government responsible for engaging with both the public...

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Business Talk: Ricardo Hausmann discusses the global economic crisis

In this episode of Business Talk, Hausmann explains the Growth Lab's approach to research and policy, how the Russia/Ukraine conflict has affected the global economy, and what's next for fuel and energy prices.


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Photo collage of Growth Lab interns

Student Stories

Each year, the Growth Lab offers students opportunities to work with our team through internships and collaborations in policy research projects. In this new blog series, the students share their summer research, inspiration, challenges, and advice for future interns. 

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Reflections on Decarbonization: Wyoming vs. Japan

By Ryosuke Shimizu

This summer, as a Growth Lab intern, I conducted research on decarbonization in the United States. To gain a better understanding of this topic, I worked with an economist at the Center for Business and Economic Analysis (CBEA) at the University of Wyoming in Laramie. CBEA's primary task is to work with other departments and state agencies to conduct economic assessments of industrial projects in Wyoming. Most...

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African Continental Integration: Lessons from East Africa

By Lucy Luo

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), which came into force in January 2021, is the world's largest new free trade area since the establishment of the World Trade Organization in 1994. It is expected to facilitate intra-African trade and improve the competitiveness of African industry and enterprises. While there is great momentum behind the agreement, its successful implementation still depends on thoughtful policy choices. In this blog post, we explore what lessons can be drawn from previous regional economic integration experiences.... Read more about African Continental Integration: Lessons from East Africa

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Student Stories: Inspired by the Growth Diagnostics Framework

Photo of Jack GisbyJack Gisby recently graduated with an MPA (Economic Policy) from the London School of Economics. As part of the Growth Lab's 2022 Summer Internship Program, he contributed to the newly formed Pan-Africa research agenda. Our team is exploring the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and the underlying constraints that have held African nations back from economic diversification and structural transformation.... Read more about Student Stories: Inspired by the Growth Diagnostics Framework

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