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Planting Seeds for Public Policy

For nearly three decades, a deep-rooted collaboration involving the Growth Lab, Harvard Kennedy School, and the Masters Programs for Development (MpD) at Catholic University of Bolivia has thrived by supporting the development of homegrown public policy and research programs that share our mission. Learn how we are extending this collaboration's impact through joint research and knowledge exchange.

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8 Questions with Ricardo Hausmann

March 21, 2021

Ricardo Hausmann with Age of Economics

This interview series is aimed at addressing fundamental issues related to global capitalist civilization with 8 basic questions. The objectives of this project are to shed light on the most salient challenges facing human civilization, explore the role of economics and the inner workings of capitalism, and heighten people’s awareness of both the economic system in which they live and work, and the role of economics in understanding this ever-changing system.

El atlas que Pedro Sánchez debe consultar

February 24, 2021

The Atlas of Economic Complexity in El Mundo

Hay una herramienta económica que debería ocupar un lugar central en la definición de los proyectos que aspiren a los fondos europeos de recuperación y resiliencia que gestiona el Gobierno: el Atlas de Complejidad Económica, un proyecto de la Universidad de Harvard que coloca las capacidades industriales y los conocimientos técnicos de un país en el centro de sus perspectivas de crecimiento. Este mapa permitiría concentrar esfuerzos en sectores con alto potencial para el país.

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Evolving Technologies & Market Ecologies

Ricardo Hausmann joins J. Doyne Farmer (INET/Oxford) on the Sante Fe Institute's Complexity Podcast to discuss how supply chains, finance, labor, technological innovation, and geography interact in puzzling nonlinear ways.



Community Engagement as a Frontline to National Development: The Peace Corps Experience

In this Development Talks Seminar, Jody Olsen, former director of the Peace Corps, discusses the global perception of the Corps, its development model, the challenge of functioning in different environments, the future of the agency, and more.


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Street scene in Korce Albania

Accelerating Sustainable Growth in Albania through Targeted Investment Promotion

Leveraging targeted investment promotion within Albania's growth strategy would lead to more jobs, better quality jobs, faster convergence with the income levels of the rest of Europe, and ultimately less outmigration.

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Learning to improve Sri Lanka’s business and investment climate using PDIA

Originally published in the Building State Capability blog - Peter Harrington

This past week, the Building State Capability (BSC) program published two new papers about our work doing PDIA-in-practice in Sri Lanka.

The first paper is about working to improve Sri Lanka’s business and ...

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CASE STUDY: Delivering Customer Care and Cutting Corruption in Public Services

From 2015 to September 2017, Rudina Mullahi directed the program "Innovation against corruption: Building a citizen-centric service delivery model in Albania" (ISDA) with the Minister of State for Innovation and Public Administration.

A recently published report co-written by Rudina and Cherie Hart, Development writer at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the UN Population...

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