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Growth Lab researchers meet with Namibian locals in a marketplace

Diagnosing Economic Woes and Helping Develop Cures

Like a teaching and research hospital for a medical school, the Growth Lab is training students and practitioners to do economic development policy work. In this feature story in Harvard Kennedy School Magazine, learn more about the origins of the Growth Lab, our approach to economic growth, the importance of diagnostic tools, and our homegrown staff.

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Coronavirus will be an even deadlier pandemic in developing countries

March 27, 2020

Ricardo Hausmann in Miami Herald

While we are all watching the news about the explosion of COVID-19 cases in the United States, Spain and Italy, we will soon face a bigger problem.

After talking with almost a dozen experts from some of the world’s leading universities, I’m much more worried about what might soon happen in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean than about the latest U.S. or European pandemic statistics.


Harvard University professor Ricardo Hausmann, an expert in global development issues, told me that the United...

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Flattening the COVID-19 Curve in Developing Countries

March 24, 2020

Ricardo Hausmann - Project Syndicate

COVID-19 is ravaging advanced economies such as Italy, France, Spain, and the United States. Beyond the deaths and human suffering, markets are discounting a catastrophic recession accompanied by massive defaults, as expressed in the radical repricing of corporate credit risk by financial markets.

Latin America, With Few Bullets to Spare

March 18, 2020

Eduardo Levy Yeyati - Americas Quarterly

At a moment when advanced economies are debating whether to fund ambitious fiscal packages with zero-interest rate Treasury debt or central bank (“helicopter”) money, we in Latin America feel like the heroes in John Ford´s classic 1930s Western film Stagecoach: Surrounded by enemies, and with precious few fiscal bullets to spare.

Indeed, emerging economies have suffered the double shock of a flight-to-quality increase in financial costs and a commodity price decline that narrows the room for fiscal policy to respond...

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Evolving Technologies & Market Ecologies

Ricardo Hausmann joins J. Doyne Farmer (INET/Oxford) on the Sante Fe Institute's Complexity Podcast to discuss how supply chains, finance, labor, technological innovation, and geography interact in puzzling nonlinear ways.



Business Talk: Ricardo Hausmann discusses the global economic crisis

In this episode of Business Talk, Hausmann explains the Growth Lab's approach to research and policy, how the Russia/Ukraine conflict has affected the global economy, and what's next for fuel and energy prices.


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Photo collage of Growth Lab interns

Student Stories

Each year, the Growth Lab offers students opportunities to work with our team through internships and collaborations in policy research projects. In this new blog series, the students share their summer research, inspiration, challenges, and advice for future interns. 

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