The Case for the Albanian Investment Corporation

February 6, 2019

To support the growth strategy of Albania, to improve employment rates and the general well-being of its society, the Government of Albania (GOA) has been working since fall 2017 to develop a mechanism that could ensure timely preparation of needed investment projects and their financing under adequate conditions.

After a thorough due diligence process during 2018, and careful evaluation of different...

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The Albanian Miracle

September 27, 2018

Ricardo Hausmann - Project Syndicate

Five years ago, Albania faced a truly ominous situation. With Greece and Italy reeling from the euro crisis, remittances and capital inflows were falling and the economy suffered a severe slowdown. The fiscal deficit ballooned to over 7% of GDP, financed to a large extent by arrears, as access to external financial markets had collapsed and domestic interest rates were sky high.

In addition, the...

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The Nexus between Diaspora and Socio-Economic Development

December 2, 2016

By Ermal Frasheri

On the eve of the Diaspora Summit in Albania, I gave an interview on the morning show 7pa5 at VizionPlus TV where I discussed the nexus between diaspora and socio-economic development. This is the first Diaspora Summit in Albania, and there is a lot of expectation and good will to turn it into a regular event where the energy of a diaspora could be harnessed to transform Albania.


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Interviews with Vizion Plus

November 18, 2015

By Ermal Frasheri

Earlier this year I conducted two interviews with the Albanian TV station, Vizion Plus. In the first interview, I give an overview of the type of work that CID is doing in Albania and discuss some of the economic challenges and potentials in Albania:


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The Diaspora Goldmine

June 25, 2015

Ricardo Hausmann for Project Syndicate

CAMBRIDGE – Many countries have substantial diasporas, but not many are proud of it. After all, people tend not to leave a country when it is doing well, so the diaspora is often a reminder of a country’s darker moments.

El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Cuba, to cite three examples, had more than 10% of their native population living abroad in 2010. And this figure does not take...

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Helping Albania break with the past

November 18, 2014

Growth Lab's Albania research project in Harvard Gazette

Leading a nation long considered a model of economic dysfunction, Prime Minister Edi Rama of Albania has pushed for change since his election last year. And the change needed in his country is not the electioneering “change” promised by virtually everyone in U.S. politics, but sweeping reforms that remodel institutions and foster the economic revival taking hold oh-so-slowly in the former communist nation.

“We have … the youngest government in the history of Albania,” Rama said during a recent visit...

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