CID Announces Upgrades for the Mexican Atlas of Economic Complexity

March 11, 2016
Mexico Atlas - Washing Machines Exports

The Center for International Development (CID) at Harvard University, Mexico’s Ministry of Finance, and the Center for Research and Teaching of Economics (CIDE) have launched the Mexican Atlas of Economic Complexity version 2.0.

The Mexican Atlas is a diagnostic tool that policymakers, firms, and investors can use to visualize economic patterns and geographical distribution of productivity and employment, assess the productive ecosystems of states and municipalities, and identify potential opportunities for diversification of products and industries in each location.

Upgrades to the tool include:

  • rankings of the states and cities by their economic complexity
  • the ability to view detailed information about the export destinations of each product
  • improved user experience

The website made its debut in October 2015. More information about the Mexican Atlas and the research collaboration behind it can be found here.

All the data sets, resources and metadata used on this platform are available for download on