Past Projects

Aid Explorer
Developed as a tool to facilitate better aid coordination. You can relate any aid organization or development issue with a country and determine whether the agencies with an interest in that particular country also have an interest in the issue. You can also rank organizations in terms of how well they match the priorities of the countries they work with.

The Africa Growth Lab worked to identify the most important constraints on African growth and to recommend interventions that can relax these constraints. Our researched covered four thematic areas: Productivity and Economic Growth, Innovations in Financial Services and Governance and Leadership.

Dominican Republic Project
A team from the Center for International Development collaborated with the Dominican government to develop a strategy to create a highly-productive, internationally competitive economy. With a vision for 2030, this team of scholars, practitioners, and government agencies hopes to revitalize the Dominican economy, promoting inclusive growth and sustainable human development.

Global Trade Negotiations 
A portal (1999-2007) for trade research, activity, proceedings and debate.

Kazakhstan Strategy and Policy
This report is a collection of policy memos that deal with the choices the government faces going forward in the broad area of macroeconomic policies, including fiscal policy and institutions, monetary and exchange rate arrangements and policies, financial policies, industrial policy, trade policy and broad issues in institutional development.

Mexico Competitiveness Report
The key strengths and weaknesses of Mexico’s economic landscape are explored in a comprehensive new report co-produced by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and Harvard’s Center for International Development (CID). The Mexico Competitiveness Report 2009 was released in late June at a workshop in Mexico City attended by several top-level government officials, including Mexican President Felipe Calderón MPA/MC 2000.

Migration Project
Committed to understanding and strengthening the links between migration, remittances and prosperity. The Project also worked to expand the possibilities for comprehensive immigration reform in the U.S. by bringing a development lens to the domestic policy debate.

Research initiative (2016-2017) aimed at exploring export diversification opportunities, and identifying goods and services that are likely to develop at the national and sub-national level. We studied the underlying conditions and made an effort to pinpoint potential binding constraints facing Panama in the process of shifting gears.

South Africa Growth Initiative
The Center for International Development convened a panel of international experts from Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Michigan, and other institutions to work with South African economists to study that country's constraints to and opportunities for accelerated growth.

Sports Complexity
Collaborative research project with the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) to examine the factors that influence the development of a robust and sustainable sports sector.

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