Dario Diodato

Dario Diodato

Dario Diodato

Dario Diodato is an economic analyst for the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission and a Growth Lab research associate. Formerly, Dario Diodato was at the Growth Lab as a Research Fellow between 2017 and 2019.

He holds a Bachelor degree in Economics of International Markets and New Technologies (2007) from Bocconi University of Milan, a Master in Economics and Geography (2009) and a PhD in Economic Geography (2017) from Utrecht University.

Before the start of his PhD, he worked for three years at the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency in The Hague (2009-2012), where he conducted research aimed at shaping regional policies. His research interests include structural transformation, technological diffusion, agglomeration externalities, migration, economic resilience, national and regional development.

Current Research/Projects Areas of Expertise
Inter-industries linkages in the US Urban and Regional Economics
Migration between US and Mexico Structural Change
World Industry Composition Migration
  Knowledge Diffusion

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