Michele Coscia

Michele Coscia

Research Fellow - CID
Michele Coscia

Michele Coscia joined the Center for International Development's Growth Lab as a Research Fellow in 2011.

Michele obtained his Master in Digital Humanities (2008) and his PhD in Computer Science (2012) from the University of Pisa. He then spent seven months conducting research at Northeastern University's Center for Complex Network Research, led by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi.

He is trained in data mining and his research is focused primarily on Complex Network analysis, particularly on multidimensional networks, i.e. networks expressing multiple different relations at the same time. His current project is on aid coordination. The project aims to understand the extent to which international aid organizations address the issues related to aid in their countries of operation. 

Current Research/Projects Areas of Expertise
Business Travels as a Channel from Knowledge
Diffusion and Economic Inclusion
Computer Science
Network Science
Connections between Barriers to Human Mobility
and Development
Complex Systems
Collective Learning
Causes and Effects of Economic Structural Change Knowledge Diffusion
Network Science  

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