Paula Marra

Paula Marra

Associate, CID
Grupo Los Grobo
Paula Marra

Paula Marra is an agricultural expert and entrepreneur. She holds a degree in Agronomic Engineering from UBA, Buenos Aires, and has studied Organizational Development at Universidad de San Andres, Buenos Aires and Agribusiness at UBA.

Paula is a business leader who developed her career at Grupo Los Grobo, a Latin American leading agribusiness and investment company. Los Grobo is a broad, integrated and diversified business platform that covers agricultural land development and services such input provision and technical and financial assistance for small producers. It also processes its own farming activities such as wheat processing and commodities industrialization. Paula was a longstanding Director of the Board, a member of the Board’s executive committee, and served as chairwoman of the audit committee. She spearheaded many of Los Grobo’s acquisitions in Latin America (in Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay).

She is an active member of civil society leading organizations like Fundacion Poder Ciudadano, Fundacion Darse Cuenta, Fundacion Emprendimientos Ruarles, Grupo de Productores del Sur, Espacio de Negocios Inclusivos (ENI, Universidad di Tella, Argentina) and a Member of the Inter-American Development Bank's 2020 Strategic Advisory Board. She created a school for Young Entrepreneurs in Rural Areas (1999), that later turned into a public school.

Paula is a shareholder and founder of Rosario-based company Bioceres, a biotech firm that develops genes for soy, corn and wheat to withstand drought and cold temperatures. It also makes insecticides, fungicides, bio-fertilizers and chemical-based fertilizers. She is also the Founder of Matriarca, an organization that aims to develop a system of sustainable production and consumption and help with the development of indigenous and creole communities in Latin America.

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