The Role of the Diaspora in the Internationalization of the Colombian Economy

After surveying over 30% of the diaspora of Colombia, Growth Lab researchers and their co-authors studied a number of factors related to this diaspora.

In this Growth Lab podcast, Ana Grisanti interviews Professors Ricardo Hausmann, Annalee Saxenian, and Ljubica Nedlkoska, who describe the internationalization mission in Colombia, the role of the diaspora in this mission, and the policy implications of this research.

Explore our project page and the data dashboard our team created to visualize the results of our survey of the Colombian diaspora.

Please note that the report that this podcast was based on was co-authored by Ricardo Hausmann, Ljubica Nedelkoska, Julian Hinz Annalee Saxenian, Andre Assumpcao, Ana Grisanti, Matte Hartog, Jessie Lu, Daniela Muhaj, and Eric SM Protzer.