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The Growth Lab approaches its engagements through a combination of fieldwork, rigorous, cutting-edge research, and effective policy implementation.

Our research teams work to understand the specific dynamics of economic growth and structural change in different contexts. These engagements provide local stakeholders with insights on the policies needed to unleash the growth potential of their economies. They also allow our researchers to address large development divergences within countries with different policy mixes tailored to specific regions.

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The Growth Lab uses the Growth Diagnostics approach to identify the binding constraints to growth in the countries and regions where we work. We also use the Product Space and Economic Complexity frameworks as a starting point to understand opportunities for economic diversification and the accumulation of productive knowhow.

Publications & Analysis

Tall buildings in Al Abdali district of Amman Jordan

Working Paper
What Will It Take for Jordan to Grow?

The Jordanian economy has experienced more than a decade of slow growth. Our researchers identify clear and significant opportunities for Jordan to strengthen new engines of export growth that would enable better overall job creation and resilience, even amidst the continued unpredictability of the pandemic.


Aerival view of homes and land in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in Kazakhstan

We are working to identify binding constraints to sustainable growth in Kazakhstan and will provide research based inputs to inform the Government's formulation and implementation of policies aimed at sparking sustainable and inclusive growth, promote export diversification, and attract investments.

Promoting Sustainable and Inclusive Prosperity in Namibia

Promoting Sustainable and Inclusive Prosperity in Namibia

The Growth Lab has been working with Namibia since 2020 on understanding the drivers of macroeconomic sustainability, diagnosing the constraints to growth, studying inequality and labor market dynamics across the country, and more.

Landscape of homes with mountains in the distance

South Africa
Growth Through Inclusion in South Africa

This two-year research project aims to diagnose the causes of South Africa’s economic challenges and collaborate with government and beyond to accelerate growth and include more South Africans in the process.

More Projects

Advancing Economic Diversification in Ethiopia

Advancing Economic Diversification in Ethiopia

This engagement works across government ministries to improve understanding of the structure of the Ethiopian economy and the constraints on its sustained growth; inform a new development strategy that addresses economic growth and transformation; and build a research base to analyze how to identify, prioritize, and implement policies and investment opportunities to drive transformation.  

The Role of the Diaspora in the Internationalization of the Colombian Economy

The Role of the Diaspora in the Internationalization of the Colombian Economy

Research study into the geography, the demographic and socio-economic characteristics of the global Colombian diaspora to assess and identify its professional, managerial, and entrepreneurial experiences, geographic distribution, and willingness to share their knowhow, networks, and skills. 

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Led by Ricardo Hausmann, the Policy Research team consists of more than two dozen fellows and research assistants from 13 countries.

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