Growth Lab faculty, fellows, and affiliates regularly publish research in a wide range of academic and policy venues. These include working papers in either our faculty or fellows CID Working Paper series, books, book chapters, articles in top peer-reviewed journals, policy pieces, op-eds in news outlets, reports, and conference papers.

We've highlighted some of our latest releases. For a complete listing, visit our publications repository.


Black silhouettes of people in an airport with orange rising sun through windowsWhat Would Happen if Business Travel Stopped?

In the current era of connection through email, Facetime, and Zoom, why do businesses spend upwards of $1.5 trillion on global travel? In research published in Nature Human Behaviour, Michele Coscia, Franke Neffke, and Ricardo Hausmann explore the network of global business travel and its impact on the diffusion of knowhow in national economies. Their analysis finds that business travel drives economic growth and a stop could create a loss in GDP. Further, the researchers estimate the global economic effects of countries both halting and increasing business travel.



growth lab team members at table with locals in Chiapas, MexicoCase Study: The Chiapas Puzzle

In conjunction with the HKS Case Study Program, Miguel Angel Santos published the Chiapas Puzzle case study: an in-depth look into the growth constraints Chiapas faces.

To read the study, visit the HKS Case Study Program.
For more information about the Growth Lab's involvement in Chiapas, visit the Chiapas Project.

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