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Growth Lab faculty, fellows, and affiliates regularly publish research in a wide range of academic and policy venues. These include working papers in either our faculty or fellows CID Working Paper series, books, book chapters, articles in top peer-reviewed journals, policy pieces, op-eds in news outlets, reports, and conference papers.

We've highlighted some of our latest releases. For a complete listing, visit our publications directory.


Architects and engineers sitting around a tableThe Value of Complementary Coworkers

Why do returns to education differ so widely? Why do workers earn higher wages in large establishments? In research published in the Science Advances, Frank Neffke studies how the value of what a person knows depends on the qualifications of his coworkers. Having coworkers with qualifications that are too similar to his own is costly, but having coworkers with complementary qualifications is beneficial. Coworker complementarity increases over a worker's career and such offers a framework to explain various wage premiums.



City Design, Planning & Policy Innovations: The Case of Hermosillo"City Design, Planning & Policy Innovations" book cover

Written by Miguel Angel Santos and Douglas Barrios—two Growth Lab research fellows—the fourth chapter titled “Is There Life After Ford?” focuses on Hermosillo’s economic competitiveness and, specifically, the reasons behind the city’s economic stagnation. It sees the city’s overreliance on the automobile industry as a primary concern. Based on two methodologies developed at the Growth Lab—the Growth Diagnostic and the Economic Complexity Analysis—this piece proposes alternative pathways for Hermosillo’s future economic growth. The chapter summarizes a collaboration between the Growth Lab and the IDB in the context of the Action Plan for the city of Hermosillo, which led this team of experts to implement these methodologies at the city-level for the first time.

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