Unraveling the Complexity: A User-centered Design Process for Narrative Visualization


Tuzcu, N., et al., 2022. Unraveling the Complexity: A User-centered Design Process for Narrative Visualization. The ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. Copy at http://www.tinyurl.com/2pm63s3f


In this case study, we introduce a user-centered design process for developing Metroverse, a narrative visualization platform that communicates urban economic composition and growth opportunities for cities. The primary challenge in making Metroverse stems from the complexity of the underlying research and data, both of which need to be effectively communicated to a wide range of end-users with different backgrounds. To unravel the complexity of the research, and to design the platform, we followed a user-centered design process. Our design process brought together researchers, designers, and various end-users, who collectively guided the design of the narrative visualization. Engaging end-users in the early phases of the project allowed us to identify the valuable insights in the data and subsequently design effective visualizations that convey those insights. We believe findings from our process can provide a template for similar projects that require translating complex research data and methodologies into user-friendly story structures.

Keywords: Human computer interaction (HCI), Data visualization, User studies, Narrative visualization, Storytelling
Last updated on 11/30/2022