What It's Like Working as a Research Fellow at the Growth Lab

CID's Growth Lab is a dynamic program driven by faculty, fellows, and research assistants who are seeking to understand the facets of economic development and to uncover how countries, regions, and cities can move into more productive activities. Our Research Fellows are integral to the success of the Growth Lab: the role's responsibilities range from research in Cambridge to field work across the globe, and in-person presentations with government officials.

Led by Ricardo Hausmann and a diverse, interdisciplinary team of research fellows, our work takes us around the world. Current projects include Albania, Ethiopia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela.

Tim Cheston, Semiray Kasoolu, Shreyas Gadgin Matha, Ljubica Nedelkoska, Miguel Santos, and Nikita Taniparti share their perspectives on the role of a Research Fellow.

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